Project Consulting

LTech’s Project Consulting includes Independent Project Oversight, Performance Review, Project Management and Requirements Analysis.

Independent Project Oversight includes the independent on-going review and analysis of key project processes to assess project risks and recommend mitigation strategies to facilitate your project’s successful completion. The result of this assessment is typically initiated by and reportable to, an external stakeholder.

Performance Review encompasses a point-in-time assessment to determine if your project is on track to meet its defined goals and objectives. This service can be initiated at the request of internal stakeholders to identify project strengths and weaknesses in an effort to improve project management practices.

LTech employs PMI’s® project management standards and industry practices to plan, monitor, and execute project life cycle phases to ensure that your project goals are achieved ultimately, to the benefit of your organization. Our range of Project Management services includes project planning, acquisition support, risk management, issue management, cost management, quality management, schedule management and configuration management.

LTech provides professional Requirements Analysis services to define and manage your business and technical requirements using practical and proven requirements management methods and tools. We facilitate requirements definition; perform requirements analysis and modeling activities to produce your business and technical specifications.

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